I’m Michael Helvey, that is, a Christian, a reader of books, a graduate of New Saint Andrews College, a Southerner, and a lover of Dostoevsky, my pipe, the Patristics, Kentucky bourbon, Medieval literature, Renaissance choral music, Dark Souls games, and my family. And much else besides, but one must keep these lists in check somehow. I once was a violinist, and occasionally pretend to be a poet. I put earn my daily bread writing software for the web (you can see the code for this site, for example, here).

I make no claim to knowledge, or the spreading of it by means of this blog. This is where I reflect on my studies, and post the occasional original thought or poem as it occurs to me, as a means of discipline for myself. I’ve been deeply influenced by St. Benedict, and take the motto of the Benedictines, ora et labora, as the motto for my own life.

Lamb of God, who taketh away the sins of the world, have mercy upon us, and grant us thy peace.