Hi there! 👋

I'm a professional software engineer based in Lincoln, NE. I'm also a husband, father, Christian, and constant student.

I'm a generalist at heart: I love building things, and I love being a part of every layer of the process. I have deep experience in the modern Javascript ecosystem, and I'd usually describe myself as a fullstack web developer. Nevertheless, I've had the opportunity to dive into many other areas in the course of my career, such as cloud architcture, DevOps, or native mobile development.

In my spare time, I'm always interested in how things work under the hood, and you'll often find me writing code in system languages like C, Rust, or Zig.

I'm passionate about sustainability and quality in software development, and I believe that TDD and clean code pays off in the long term for users.

To learn more, check out my github, follow me on twitter, read my blog, or reach out over email.

Thanks for dropping by!